Anyone who began their journey as a pilot, knows that the first step is to find a flight instructor that you not only trust, but one that you are going to feel VERY comfortable spending a lot of time in close quarters, with.  Some of us get recommendations from friends, some research flight instructors on the internet and some of use just go to the local flight school and get whoever is available.

The reality, is, that the right flight instructor can be the meaning between becoming a safe pilot and a dangerous pilot…a smart pilot…or a stupid one…a good pilot, or a bad one.  A good instructor is one who will make you feel safe, accomplished and a smart and confident pilot, trained to make the right decision on every flight and avoid the bad ones.

A great flight instructor is one who truly wants to be an instructor to create excellent pilots from the ground up, not someone who is merely doing it so they can build hours….while there are some great instructors who use flight instruction as a stepping stone, they are probably pretty rare, as their goal is to build hours, not great pilots.

Start here and begin your search to find great flight instructors in your area.  But, don’t just pick the first one you come across.  As lots of questions…an interview of sorts, to make sure the person you are about to hire, is right for you.  Ask for references…make sure that other students were successful and are happy with the type of pilot they have become.

Once you pick the right flight instructor, you won’t regret your decision to be smart.  However, by choosing a bad flight instructor…you might not live to regret it.